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Firm Overview

Founding partners James Upton and Kevin Mickits opened the firm as a litigation boutique in 1995 to promote their own philosophy of service to legal clients — the clients' interests should come first.  John Heymann joined the firm 2 years later, enriching the firm's legal services to include oil and gas.  In the following years, additional attorneys were recruited to UMH, chosen for their knowledge, experience and legal talents.   Today, UMH attorneys represent individuals and corporations throughout the south and central Texas region in virtually every area of the law.   All UMH attorneys have the same commitment as that of the founding partners –– competence, responsiveness and integrity.

Over the past twenty years, the legal profession has endured a great deal of scrutiny and ridicule from the public in general.   Many of the comments address the arrogance of legal counsel and the greed associated with the legal profession.   UMH works extremely hard to establish personal and professional relationships with clients by following a simple theory of business — represent clients with their interests in mind and treat them with the respect, fairness and courtesy that they expect and deserve.

Providing Prompt Evaluations

Stated simply, we believe that phone calls should be returned timely, files should not be over-worked or over-lawyered, and that the client should have an active role in the determination of the direction of the file including the discovery necessary to achieve our mutual goal regarding the successful resolution of the matter.  Additionally, it is our goal to provide our clients with a prompt evaluation of the matter and supplement the initial evaluation with frequent follow-up evaluations.  We do not believe in performing exhaustive discovery in order to collect unnecessary legal fees before rendering an opinion as to whether further litigation is required or whether the matter should be settled.

UMH has been built on these simple principles of competence, responsiveness and integrity.  Our clients must be confident that we will provide competent and cost effective legal services in a timely fashion with the utmost integrity and courtesy that clients deserve and expect. We expect to earn our clients' trust and cooperation in order to assist in the resolution of legal concerns.  This business relationship is an interactive partnership between client and attorney with the principal goal of achieving a mutually beneficial resolution of our clients' legal issues.